How to choose the right order picker?

Order pickers are essential tools for warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities that deal with large inventories. They streamline the process of retrieving items from high shelves or storage racks, making it more efficient and cost-effective. 

Businesses that are looking to streamline operations and improve operator safety whilst managing costs need to see the Easy Access range. Our order pickers make warehouses and distribution centers safe, efficient and productive. 

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Hear from our customer:

"I was asked to purchase a platform following a safety improvement request, I phoned around our other branches and the answer was unanimous - 'Easy Access Range'. The Order Picker we decided on ticked all the boxes and more! Thankyou to the team at Easy Access, your communications were on the ball, I will happily recommend to any other business to talk through there options with the team." - Mana Hiini, Metalcraft Roofing Products Whangarei.


Both of our order picker ranges share similar features including: 

  • Large platforms to work from & pick products from.¬†
  • Strong box section full surround guardrail.¬†
  • Locking platform for safe use.
  • High tensile aluminium construction - strong and lightweight.
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  • Fast - no assembly required and the ladder folds flat to assist with storage and handling.¬†
  • Sturdy - fully welded joints, no rivets to work loose over time.¬†
  • Reliable - 10 year guarantee
  • Market leading - Made in NZ and trusted by NZ distribution and warehousing companies throughout the country.
  • Complies to AS/NZS 1892 : 2018

We will unpack the differences between our two order picker ranges below:

Folding Order Picker - Wheeled Chassis

As the name suggests the main difference between our two order pickers is how

what is order picker

they lockout automatically (stop moving) when stood on. The Wheeled Chassis version is a more heavy-duty design and can accommodate for more weight loading. This is why this wheeled chassis model is available in much larger sizes than the spring wheeled version due to the sturdy wheel carriage. It's important to note the load rating for both models is 150kg however the wheeled chassis model can accommodate for larger sizes as explained above (up to 12 steps compared to 7 steps). 

This leads us to the obvious advantage of the wheeled chassis model over the spring wheeled model - It is available in larger sizes and therefore is perfect when you need to reach higher locations often throughout a day. The 12 step model has an impressive reach height of 5.4m! 

The Wheeled Chassis also provides more support and means the whole platform is more sturdy and strong. We recommend our wheeled chassis order picker if you are looking to use it commercially or a high number of times per day. 

Folding Order Picker - Spring Wheeled 

The Folding Order Picker is very similar to the Wheeled chassis model but simply

what is a order picker

has 4 spring wheels instead of a chassis. This design is closer to a platform ladder with lock out wheels. Our full platform ladder range can have spring wheels added. However this spring wheeled order picker is purpose built and we'd highly recommend this over a platform ladder with wheels when its used to 'pick orders'. 

Without a chassis this model is lighter so is a little easier to handle and maneuver. 

This models is also a lower cost due to the simpler wheel design so is a good choice for those on a tight budget.

We would recommend this spring wheeled model if you are after a smaller size and if you are packing it away and transporting it a lot e.g. moving it from jobsite to jobsite. 

Order Pickers for different Industries:

Warehousing & Distribution Centers:

Order pickers are invaluable in warehouses and distribution centers where items are stored on high shelves or racks. In most cases we would recommend our wheeled chassis range as it will be used a lot every day so investing in a sturdier and more robust order picker is important for productivity and safety. 

Retail Stores: 

Retail stores, especially those with tall shelves or storage areas, benefit from order pickers for restocking and inventory management. They make it easier for employees to access products quickly and safely. If the area to access is below 3m high, the spring wheeled model is a good choice as it is lightweight and easy to foldaway and is the most cost-effective option. However for higher racking we recommend the wheeled chassis as it provides a superior stable platform.

Manufacturing Facilities:

Manufacturing facilities often require order pickers to transport materials to production lines or retrieve components from storage areas. This enhances productivity by reducing downtime and minimizing the risk of workplace injuries. There are many different scenarios and uses for order pickers so we would love you to contact us so we can suggest the best option for you. If you are interested in even more robust platforms and custom options for machinery maintenance or work platforms then we recommend talking to SafeSmart Access who have a full range of work platforms and can even customize to suit specific and demanding situations. 


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warehouse order picker

If you are looking to increase efficiency and safety through investing in order pickers, look no further than Easy Access. Backed by 10 years guarantee and designed to improve efficiency through easy of use we believe we have the best order picker range in NZ. 

Contact us today.