Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ladder

When it comes to buying a ladder, there are certain things you should always look for. Firstly, you should look to see if the ladder is compliant with the AS/NZS1892:1996 safety standards. For an Easy Access ladder, you can find this clearly shown on a sticker on the ladder.

Is the ladder fit for purpose? The minimum rating for a construction site and for trade use in New Zealand is150kg rated. Check to see if the ladder is rated by the sticker on the ladder. If it is under 150kg then it should only be used for domestic or household use. Easy Access Trade Series ladders are all rated to at least 150Kg, with the aluminium platform ladders and double-sided ladders recently tested and approved to a 180Kg rating.

For more heavy-duty use, the Warthog range of fully-welded ladders, are made in New Zealand by Easy Access and rated to a huge 180Kg.  These also have a 10 year Warranty for further peace of mind.

Thirdly, is any bracing on the inside of the ladder legs? Bracing on the outside of the ladder stiles tends to get damaged easily from when moving the ladder around. Check to see if the bracing and hinges are located on the inside and if rivets used are made of stainless steel as these are more resistant to rust over time. Easy Access double sided ladders don’t have a gap in the top step that can clog with plaster and debris, affecting the way it folds flat.

For electrical work, check to see if the ladder has fibreglass stiles. This makes the ladder electrically safe for workers.

Ladder Replacement Parts

Check with your supplier if they have available spare parts and accessories such as bolt-on handrails, full surround handrails and tool trays or buckets. At Easy Access, we supply those accessories for selected models as well as replacement feet.  It is the feet that are subject to the most wear and tear over the ladder’s lifetime. So the ability to easily replace the feet extends the lifetime of the ladder, providing added value.

All Easy Access Trade Series ladders have quality control sticker stamped and signed off on each ladder to make sure parts are functioning and are quality produced unit fit for purpose. 

These are factors to consider when choosing the best ladder for the job. If you would like more information contact us by email or give us a call on 0800 004 334.