Ladder Training & Resources

Welcome to our Ladder Resouces Centre!

Whether it's for a simple task such as changing a lightbulb, or a tougher job of retiling a roof, choosing the right ladder that suits the height is paramount for your safety. With so many ladders on offer, it can be hard to know which type of ladder you should choose. When selecting ladders and platforms, make sure you take into account the weight of the user plus the load they might be carrying.

To ensure you are safe every time you use your ladder, you can use our ladder inspection checklist each time you use your ladder. 

Below are our Ladder Buyer’s Guides to help you find the right ladder for your next job! We also have information on replacement feet to help keep your ladder in top condition. 

We also offer an online training course to train you and your staff on ladder safety best practice. Our course runs through the basic information you need to know to be both safe and compliant to NZ standards. Check out our ladder training course below: 

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