Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does Easy Access sell directly to the public? No, we do not sell direct to public due to trade agreements with stores. You can purchase any of our products through one of our distributors in your area.


  • Does Easy Access hire out their gear? No, Easy Access are the wholesalers/manufacturers and do not hire out any gear.


  • What standard do our ladders comply with? AS/NZS 1892:1996


  • What is the warranty of my ladder? For our rivetted Trade Series range, these ladders have a 12-month warranty period. Our welded Warthog ladders, manufactured locally, have a 10-year warranty. Any freight damage or user error will not be covered.


  • Do you have replacement parts available for my ladder? We have small replacement parts available, such as feet caps and bolt/hinge assemblies.


  • What standard do our mobile towers comply with? AS/NZS 1576


  • At what height are guardrails required? When the work platform is over 1m in height or where a fall could result in serious injury even below 1m platform height. Some H&S managers will specify handrails below a platform height of 1m. Handrails can be fitted to any tower at any height.


  • Does my tower need a toeboard? Toeboards are mandatory for platforms of 2m or higher to prevent accidental dislodgement of tools/equipment. This will be included in our Tower Packs when required for compliance.


  • Do I need certification/training to erect my tower? Certification is only required when the tower platform is higher than 5m. In this situation, a ticketed scaffolder would need to erect your tower. We do recommend/offer training for any of our Easy Access gear, however, this is only best use training and will not certify you.


  • Can I purchase components individually? Yes, any components can be purchased individually.


  • Can I purchase just a replacement wheel for my castor? No, we only sell these as a complete castor assembly.


  • Do I need a handrail when I’m working against a house? Yes, where it is more than 300mm away from the building face, you will need a handrail.


  • How do I remove my standard Mini Mobile castors from my tower to replace with the adjustable castors? We recommend using a 19mm spanner to loosen the bolt from under the ‘housing’ of the wheel. The bolt is then knocked vertically upwards, which loosens the nylon spigot inside the scaffold tube.


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