Height Safety Regulations

New Zealand’s construction industry operates under some of the most stringent regulations in the world.  While these regulations are designed to keep workers safe, they can often cause confusion and can take time to learn and implement.  
Easy Access make it our business to be conversant with these regulations and understand how to work within the standards in a practical, convenient and cost-efficient way.  Ensuring you and workers on your site are safe and compliant when working at height is at the core of what we do.  Our Research and Development team are continually developing and improving our range of height access equipment to offer safe, convenient and easy to use products in a practical working situation.  If you have any questions or feedback about our products and regulatory/best-practice standards, please contact us here or on 0800 394 222

Does your mini mobile remain compliant with new legislation?

Height Access Safety FAQs

How many rails are required on a gable end for edge protection?

Only 2 rails. One approximately 500mm-600mm above to roof edge and a second 1000mm-1100mm above the roof edge.

Will Easy Access assist with ascertaining my scaffolding needs?
Yes, Easy Access representatives will visit you on-site throughout New Zealand to assist with your needs.  
Please contact us to arrange a visit.

What is the height to width ratio required for free standing scaffolds? 
The height to width ratio for scaffold with a platform height of under 2m is a minimum of 2:1.¬† If the platform is 2mH or over the ratio must be 3:1. This means the width of the base of the tower must be at least a ¬Ĺ or 1/3 the height of the platform.

How can I keep up to date with height access products, regulatory issues, and industry news?
Contact us to join our industry-insider newsletter.

What is the ideal number of points of contact for safe ladder use?
3 points of contact is safest. Platform ladders with a handrail are the ideal way to achieve this.

At what height do I need to be a ticketed scaffolder?
If you are erecting a scaffold with a working height of 5m or more, you must be a ticketed scaffolder.

In what situation must I stabilise my industrial scaffold tower by attaching outriggers? 
If you exceed the height to width ratios stated above, you must either increase the base dimension of the tower by adding outriggers. Another alternative may be to securely tie off the tower to an adjacent fixed support surface.

Can I relocate a mobile tower if there is someone on the platform?
No, under no circumstances.

At what height does a work platform require a guardrail?
All platforms over 1mH must have a guardrailbetween 0.9m ‚Äď 1.1mH and platforms over 2mH must also include a midrail. Note; some work site regulations may require guardrailing on all work platforms regardless of height.

At what platform height does a work platform require a toe board?
All platforms where tools or materials can fall more than 2m must include a toe board at least 150mm high.

What is the recommended minimum weight rating for ladders in trade applications?
150kg is the minimum recommended weight rating.

Where can I get further, more detailed information on height safety regulations?
Standards NZ publishes regulatory standards such as the following:
AS/NZS1576  Scaffolding.
AS/NZS1892  Portable ladders.
AS1657; Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders.
The scaffolding & Rigging Association of NZ (SARNZ), also publishes a comprehensive document.
There is also information on the WorkSafe website.

Where can I buy Easy Access Products?
Easy Access products are available from our network of stores throughout New Zealand.