On-site Compliance

Balancing between high levels of safety and on-site productivity is very important to Easy Access on every projects that we work on. Our scaffolding training facilities in NZ and scaffolding supervisors are experts with years of experience on knowledge of industry safety height standards and best practises.

Scaffold Training NZ

Helping NZ businesses to have a better comprehension of Working at Heights regulations.

Easy Access Co. provides scaffolding safety training and evaluation at worksites across NZ. The Easy Access team is available by appointment to visit and evaluate your site and discuss your requirements. We will provide you with recommendations and advice on the right equipment to make working on your site safe, convenient, easy and cost-effective.

After purchase, we are available to visit your site to train you and your workers in safe and efficient assembly and use of your Easy Access products. We can also check your products to ensure they remain fit for purpose at any time after purchase.

Training work-books will be provided to any attendees at our training sessions, for reference during and after the training session. On correct completion of a short quiz following the training, certificates for Ladder Safety, Scaffold Safety and Edge Protection Safety are issued as applicable.

New Zealand has one of the toughest safety regulations for building sites in the world. Therefore, it is important that you and your staff are completely knowledgeable of these regulatory practises to ensure workers’ safety and compliance onsite.

Our training system is hands-on and tailored to the Easy Access equipment used on your site. Your staff will gain a greater understanding of both the Working at Height regulations, and the safe and efficient use of height access equipment.

This training may be considered for an example of on-the-job training as required for maintaining Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) status.

Note: This training programme is designed to give a brief overview of safe working at height practice.  It is intended to be supplementary to formal courses offered by professional trainers e.g. Sitesafe.

Attendees are encouraged to review the Worksafe website for further and more detailed information.

Expert Advice

Please call 0800 394 222 to arrange for a free pre-purchase consultation, or after-purchase training on the safe and compliant installation and use of your new Easy Access equipment, at your worksite.

Our team are continually dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of worksites across the country. We want to help New Zealand worksites to remain efficient and compliant to safety regulations that can often be quite confusing.

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