Height Access (un)Safety Tips

With safety at the forefront of everything we do, we loved being a part of the 2020 BSM (Building, Skills and Maintenance) Health, Safety & Wellbeing Roadshow!

As Easy Access was a key presenter at the Roadshow, we came up with ‘Height Access (un)Safety tips’ which played at each of the 34 seminars held nationwide.

Watch the video here, and pick up some tips on how to keep you and your team safe on-site.


Scaffold Safety Tip #1

Moving Your Scaffold - Moving a mobile scaffold is specifically banned in the scaffold guidelines. Hop off, safely move the scaffold, and secure it in place. 

Scaffold Safety Tip #2

Erecting Your Scaffold - All Easy Access scaffolds come with assembly instructions. They also come with components to make it 100% compliant for worksite so its important all the pieces are added. Installing guardrails and toeboards on the inside and any outriggers ensures you and those around you are safe. 

Scaffold Safety Tip #3

Climbing Your Scaffold - Do not climb the side of the scaffold. To climb our Easy Access MOBI or Mini Mobile Towers, use the frame inside the scaffold or with a scaffold ladder (supplied with the heavy duty industrial towers). The user must always be on the inside of the scaffold footprint to climb up and down the scaffold safely, without the risk of falling or destabilising the tower. 

Ladder Safety Tip #1

Ladder Stability - Make sure the ladder is on level firm ground and it is set to the right angle of slope ratio between 4:1 and 6:1. Be sure to check the weight ratings on the ladder as Easy Access has options between 150kg, 180kg and up to 200kg weight rating. 

Ladder Safety Tip #2

Safe Working at Heights - 1 in 4 deaths in New Zealand result in falling from less that two metres standing height. Using a platform ladder can give you three points of contact and a compliant platform to stand on safely at all times. Adjustastep ladders can also give you the right height adjustment to your ladder to suit the height you’re working on. 

Ladder Safety Tip #3

Working Around Electricity - When working near an electrical environment, a fibreglass platform ladder can keep you safe from electric shocks, after all, you don’t get a second chance when it comes to electricity. 

Overall, working at heights is a risky business. Using the right equipment and safe practices will decrease the risk of fall or injury in job sites. 

Complacency Hurts - Think Smart - Stay Safe