Pack K - 70m Houselot Pack K - 70m Houselot

Pack K - 70m Houselot

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Components Included

A comprehensive pack of equipment that includes multiple internal and external corner kits as well as two gated access points.

Description Batch Qty
GRB420 2.4m Grasper Guardrail 2
GRB430 3.0m Grasper Guardrail 23
GRL300 3.0m Reinforced Grasper Ledger 4
PFS410 1.0m Standard Platform 1
PFS415 1.5m Standard Platform 1
PFS435 2.4m Standard Platform 2
PFS440 3.0m Standard Platform 22
AER300.200 2.0m Alloy Easyrail Truss, Roof Post 2
AER300.400 4.0m Alloy Easyrail Truss, Roof Post 29
IN48 Easyrail Internal Joining Spigot 90
BPA605 Adjust. Base Plate 62
AER FRBRACE Alloy Easyrail Frame Brace 31
AER FRAME Alloy Easyrail Frame 31
FX48 Easyrail Fixed Double Coupler 144
AER610.650 0.65m Alloy Easyrail Cantilever Bracket 31
AER100.300 3.0m Alloy Easyrail Diagonal Brace 9
LAG0.5 Ladder Access Gate 2
AER350.600 Alloy Easyrail Tube 330
ORG705 Outrigger 4
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