Replacement Ladder Feet

Easy Access has replacement rubber feet for any of our height solution products. Whether it’s a Platform Ladder, Extension Ladder, Double Sided or Telescopic Ladder, you can have them replaced - just give us a call. 

Ladders and platforms are an important tool and should be maintained properly. With general wear and tear, they may need replacing to prevent any safety hazards not just from use but to the surface it is being used on.

Rubber feet on height access solutions are commonly the first that needs replacing. They need to be in contact with the ground surface (tile, concrete, or wooden floors) more often than any other component of the product and will need to be carefully monitored to prevent any slips.

When replacing ladder feet or end cap, you must ensure there is no damage to the ladder stile as this will affect the strength and safety of the ladder or step. If there is any damage to the ladder or step stile it should be immediately isolated to prevent further use. Also, contact us if you have any concerns with this.

The ladder should then be inspected by a suitably qualified and experienced ladder inspector to determine whether it’s still suitable for a repair or if it needs decommissioning. 

Made from solid rubber and has deep ridges to the underside for the best possible grip. Comes already marked with cutting guides to fit snugly at the end of our Easy Access ladder range

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