Ladder Buyers Guide

The minimum recommended weight rating for trade use of ladders is 150kg. 120kg is for lighter domestic use. Is the ladder you are considering rated appropriately for the intended use?

Does the ladder comply to safety standards AS/NZS1892:1996?

Does the ladder have stainless steel rivets to stop rusting?

Is the ladder braced firmly and securely for safety?

Is the side stay on the internal of the ladder legs?

This prevents them from being damaged. The feet are the high-ware-point of a ladder. Are the feet hard-wearing?

What added features or optional accessories are available for this ladder? Eg. attachable handrails, tool storage, spring loaded wheels.

Does the platform ladder have a handrail available in front and full surround?

If you are doing electrical work, does the ladder have fibreglass stiles? This makes the ladder electrically safe.

Take a look at our guide to scaffolds for further details.

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