The Dual Uses of Easy Rail and Easy Deck

Easy Rail and Easy Deck upright truss posts are up to 4m long, and used to form bays up to 3m wide to completely surround the building exterior for ultimate efficiency. Or you can use fewer bays to provide access for a smaller section of the building as required. A simple 2-person installation means that smaller sections can be quickly and easily moved and reassembled to a different part of the building, for added versatility.

Height adjustable screw jacks – or base frames for Easy Deck - provide stability on uneven ground. Using this base structure, Easy Deck platforms can be added below the roof edge for facia access, and rails can be added above for fall prevention when working on the roof.

Standard Easy Access scaffolding components, including platforms and guardrails, are used within the Easy Deck and Easy Rail system. When using the Easy Deck on two story homes, the Easy Deck base frames may be added to Easy Access H Frame Scaffold Towers.


For access to the building facia, free-standing Easy Deck base frames are positioned on the ground - not more than 300mm from the wall - to support the upright truss posts. This ensures that a cantilever bracket added further up the truss to support the access platform will also be no more than 300mm from your work, as required by New Zealand’s safety regulations.

A pin and slot system is used to secure the cantilever bracket at any point along the length of the upright truss as required, up to 1m below the roof edge. Certified aluminium or wooden planks can then be added to create a platform from which to conveniently reach just the right height.

Using a combination of 2.4m and 3m platform bays, Easy Deck can completely surround the building for continuous safe access, or provide access for just a small section of the building - perfect for exterior cladding, painting or repairs. Easy-install snaplock guard rails are added above the platform on the outer edge, and self-closing, swing ladder gates provide safe access to any section of the platform as required, or can be added to either end of a smaller section.

If it is necessary to position the base frames and cantilever brackets further than 300mm from your work – for working on the soffits for example - internal guardrails should be added.

Easy Deck is compliant to AS/NZS 1576:2010, and has load rating of 225kg per bay, providing peace of mind about safety when working on building facias.


New Zealand safety standards dictate that edge protection must be provided on all work surfaces where a person can fall two metres or more. For safely working on roofs, Easy Rail roof edge protection utilises the same upright posts as for Easy Deck, providing the ultimate safe solution for any single story roof edge protection application. Easy Rail is made in New Zealand and is compliant to AS/NZS4994 : 2009

Easy Rail is easy to install by one person, saving you time - and through accumulated efficiency, also saves you money. If you are not using the Easy Deck base frames required for Easy Deck platform access, base jacks, adjustable to 600mm can be used at the base of the upright truss posts to counter uneven ground. Upright truss posts should be spaced no more than 4m apart to fit around the area of the roof to be worked on.

To secure the uprights, a bolt-free cantilever bracket simply slides up the post and is tightened under the eaves. The clever cantilever design keeps the uprights safely secure without defacing or damaging the soffit or building façade. This also allows for care-free repositioning of the EasyRail system as required.

Using couplers and aluminium tube, lower, mid and top rails are installed in seconds between the posts, providing protection from falls. The lowest guardrail should be positioned no more than 150mm above gutter height, and rails above no more than 500mm apart. Three guardrails are required on roof edge protection systems, preventing falls off roofs with an angle of slope of 10deg – 35deg.

Why Easy Rail and Easy Deck?

Easy Rail and Easy Deck are versatile and compatible systems both for safely working on single or double story exteriors, and for protection from falls off single story roofs. Make use of standard Easy Access scaffolding components for multiple purposes for safety and efficiency.

Easy Rail and Easy Deck are made in New Zealand. These and other Easy Access height access solutions are available from trade stores throughout New Zealand.