Spotlight on Sustainability at Easy Access Co

Spotlight on Sustainability

At Easy Access Co we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability. From recycling our raw materials, reducing our CO2 emissions and introducing recycled products we are doing our bit! 



  • Recycled over 33 Tonnes of Aluminium in the past year.¬†
  • Reduction of approximately 124.17kg of CO2-e for every Ton of stock transferred.¬†
  • Introduction to RETEX - The recycled floor protection product.


Reducing our carbon footprint through transportation improvements:

As one of the major height access suppliers in NZ, we transport ladders, scaffolds and edge protection all around the country. We have recently made a significant reduction by improving the way we distribute our stock across the country. To transfer stock from our main center in Northland down to our Cromwell distribution center we now transfer stock in containers and get this freighted via coastal shipping from Auckland port to Port Chalmers in Otago.

This means for every ton of freight sent to the South Island we are reducing approx. 124.17kg of CO2-e. To transfer a 1 ton container between our branches it takes approx.109.5kg of CO2-e vs the typical road freight method which is over double at 233.67kg of CO2-e. 

Using our local freight partners Mainfreight and Rohan Haulage, has also reduced emissions by another 15% simply by using their modern and up to date fleet. Newer trucks have a better fuel economy and emissions control.


Recycling Raw Aluminum Material

Recycling Raw Aluminum Material:

At Easy Access we recycle as many of the raw materials from our factory as we can. The aluminium offcuts and machining swarf from the manufacturing process are recycled into new aluminium products. Over the past year we have recycled over 33 Tons of Raw Aluminium.



As you may have seen we have recently added the RETEX floor protection range to our offering. RETEX transform textile waste into valuable, endlessly recyclable floor protection products. 

RETEX for sustainabilityRETEX sustainability

By recycling, repurposing, and remanufacturing textile waste, RETEX ensure that materials are given a second life, reducing the demand for traditional materials and minimizing environmental impact. RETEX floor protection products are one of a kind and replace traditional floor protection products normally made from plastic coreflute or cardboard. In comparison to these single use products that end up in a landfill, RETEX can be used multiple times and then be recycled again back into new RETEX.

View the RETEX range.