Replacing The Rubber Feet of a Ladder

Our tools will come to a point of breaking. This is the reason why we have maintenance. However, there are some times when maintenance is not enough, and we will need to replace some of the parts. This is especially true when it comes to replacing the rubber feet of your ladder.

Ladders are indeed very helpful for many obvious reasons but they can also be the reason for accidents when they are not maintained properly. There have been a lot of cases when the feet of the ladder causes a lot of misfortune not just to safety but to the stuff it gets contact with.

Most ladder feet are made with rubber. This gives them more grip than any other material like wood or metal. This also means that it is subject to wear and tear, slowly but surely. Once the rubber feet are worn out, it has to be replaced. It is not like any other part where some kind of repair will do the trick.

The good news is that there are rubber feet replacements readily available in the market. No matter what size ladder feet you are looking for, there will always be something which will fit.

Importance of Rubber Feet on a Ladder

Rubber feet are commonly the first choice. They are easy to fit and will definitely stick with good adhesive material. Sometimes, worn-out rubber can cause damage to tiled floors and by simply adding or replacing new rubber feet can help solve the problem.

Ladders built without rubber feet can cause tremendous accidents. They tend to be slippery as its made of steel or aluminium and anyone who is not careful when using these types of ladder generally run into trouble. 

Broken or missing ladder feet will cause dirt or soil to enter freely and cause rusting from the inside. This means that the ladder could wear out faster and prone to breaking down from the inside out. 

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Ladder Feet Covers

With the growing market today, these materials which will be used to replace the ladder feet are already available in the market. There are a lot of choices so the choice must be done wisely.

Rubber feet are the most common of them all and they are in every way efficient. There are, however, specialized feet which can work in a different kind of environment.

Rounded rubber feet are common and allow movability when it comes to side-by-side tasks on high ground. This is great to be used in tight, vertical spaces and can easily shift the angle to the other side instead of twisting the whole ladder.

There are also specialized ladder feet which can be used in different locations. These give you the advantage and the safety you are looking for without having to buy a new ladder. Adjustable feet can be installed in one of the feet of the ladder. This is very beneficial if you are working on an unleveled ground like stairs, roofs or slopes.

Easy Access has replacement rubber feet for any of our height solution products. From step ladders, trestles, and 2-sided aluminium ladders, if the rubber feet are worn out then you can have them replaced at any of our Easy Access stores