The Ultimate Roof Ladder: Safely Climb a Pitched Roof

A fall from height is the most dangerous hazard when working on a roof. More than 50% of roof falls are from less than three metres, but the result is often serious injury and worse. Preventing falls from roofs as much as possible is a priority of WorkSafe New Zealand. Any work at height is high risk, and roof safety systems should always be used.


Roof edge protection such as Easy Access EasyRail is required to be installed with, a rail 200mm above the roofline and two more rails at 500mm and 1000mm above the roofline.

You can work more safely on the roof by taking a few precautions before you start. Wear loose-fitting clothing that doesn't restrict your movements and rubber-soled shoes for traction. Ā Ensure any tools or other items you need to carry are securely attached to your person, leaving hands free for safe climbing.

Before climbing the roof ladder, ensure the hook is securely engaged over the apex. Always make sure you have a secure footing on the lowest rungs before moving, and maintain three points of contact at all times while climbing.

The Easy Access roof ladder is specifically designed for safe and compliant use on rooves, meeting safety standard guidelines for working at height. Choose from our range of roof ladder sizes to suit the length of the roof.


Make sure you and your workers understand all safety precautions and assess the roof ladder for good condition when setting up. Consider the external variables such as weather. Poor weather affects grip and balance and further increases the chances of an accident.


Easy Access has theĀ Trade Series Roof LaddersĀ that make it easier to access roofing for all manner of work including chimneys, painting, tile replacement to solar panel installation. The ridged hooks on our range add extra stability and our ladders are suitable for use on any roof pitch up to 45 degrees.

Easy Access strives for excellent customer service. If you have any questions or want to know more, please give us a ring on 0800 004 334 orĀ send us your enquiries.