The New Zealand-made Mini Mobile Rises Again

It was two decades ago that Easy Access introduced the Mini Mobile scaffold to Kiwi builders and related trades, and to this day the compact aluminium scaffold tower remains a common sight on construction sites all over New Zealand. The Mini Mobile tower is still made at Easy Access’s Northland factory and due to its enduring popularity, this iconic piece of equipment will be re-launched to the market in this, its 20th year.

The tower’s popularity can be attributed partly to its compact and modular design, which provides a safe platform from which trades can compliantly work for long durations at any height up to 5.7 metres.  The full surround guard railing features snap-lock connections making the tower quick and easy to install, even for just one person.

Mini Mobile Tower Components

The Mini Mobile has bracing on one side of the unit only, leaving the other side open for the user to easily access the tower.  Ladder rungs built into each end of the unit can be climbed from within the footprint of the tower to the top of the platform via a hinged hatch.  Once on top of the platform, the hatch door is flipped back down, securely self-locking.  The user then has a sturdy platform of 700mm wide and either 1700mm long or 3000mm long.  Four snaplock guardrails protect the user from falls, and a toeboard prevents damage or injury resulting from dropped tools or other objects.

Because of its compact dimensions, the Mini Mobile will fit through a standard internal door, making the unit useful for both interior and exterior tasks alike.  Whether working inside or outside, trades often find themselves working on uneven ground.  For this reason, the locking casters may be swapped out for adjustable versions, with 250mm of adjustment to provide stability as required.  For steeper slopes or for working on stairs or steps, a specialist “all-terrain” pack, comprising an adjustable end frame allows adjustment of up to 1200mm – perfect for working on stairwells.

As the Mini Mobile product has evolved, several other add-on packs have been introduced.  Sets of components were developed to extend the length or width of a straight platform and to allow a continuous platform with guardrailing to wrap around the interior or exterior corner of a building.  

Further, with the addition of a “SafeRoof” frame, the Easy Access Mini Mobile can be used to create safe and compliant roof edge protection using bolt-free cantilever brackets to secure the structure under the soffits

Manufactured to be compliant to AS/NZS 1576, the robust, high tensile aluminium Mini Mobile is load rated to 225Kg.  We often see very early models on sites, still keeping their owner-trades safe and compliant, and testimony to the integrity and longevity of this foundation product from Easy Access.

The upcoming re-launch of the Mini Mobile tower brings Easy Access back to our roots.  While we continue to manufacture all manner of standard and bespoke access platforms for use in a wide range of industries around the world, our passion remains about keeping Kiwi Trades safe, efficient and compliant on New Zealand’s construction sites.  

Here’s to the mighty Mini Mobile!