Kiwi Innovation by Kiwi Suppliers, Easy Access

Easy Access is the New Zealand company committed to ensuring Kiwi trades are using the safest, efficient, and compliant methods to reach their work at heights in a variety of situations.

Users of Easy Access ladders, scaffolds, platforms and edge protection are often pleasantly rewarded for their purchase when they discover the design details that set Easy Access height access product apart from the rest.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation by Kiwi Ladder & Scaffold Supplier

Design features such as non-clogging, no-pinch hinges on step ladders, trapezoidal steps on step ladders or extension ladders for comfort when the ladder is in both positions are some of the details that make the job easier.  And the recent innovation enhancing the popular platform ladder with a new range of models. The new AdjustaStep in three sizes provides an adjustable platform for use at a range of heights or on uneven surfaces with a massive 200Kg load rating.  Long-time users of Easy Access ladders are also pleased to know that when the ladder feet finally wear out after years of service, replacement feet are readily available.

The Easy System offered for roof edge protection also incorporates clever design.  The system is securely fixed to the building’s soffit via a bolt-free cantilever connection, eliminating any remedial work after the scaffold comes down, saving time.  The standard 1m, 2m, 3m, and 4m posts may be joined by a spigot to achieve any height, and platforms may be installed at any height along with the posts for access to the building fascia, making this system both versatile and cost-effective.

After 20 years providing height access solutions to Kiwi Trades, Easy Access continues to innovate. A recent re-think on the traditional scaffold tower with the New Zealand Tradesman in mind has resulted in a new design for this useful piece of height access kit.

Mobi Tower NZ Made Access Solution

The NZ-made MOBI scaffold tower is lightweight and easy to install with its colour-coded snaplock connections. And because the end frames have 300mm centred full-width serrated rungs, the MOBI can be safely and compliantly accessed without the use of a separate clip-on ladder.  While the MOBI is available in both single (0.8m) and double (1.4m) widths, Easy Access has kept the length at 2m, making the mobile tower easier to store and transport, and thereby even more convenient to use.

Like all of the modular mobile and full-size H Frame towers available from Easy Access, all MOBI components are available individually, providing a modular system that can be added on for multiple purposes or access challenges. The MOBI complies to the relevant AS/NZS standards and full towers are sold complete with all components required to be compliant onsite giving Trades peace of mind. In fact, with a load rating of a massive 450Kg, this is the strongest mobile scaffold tower available in New Zealand.

There is no doubt that Easy Access’s legacy for innovation and quality continues to deliver the New Zealand construction industry with safety and compliance. And by increasing efficiency and making life easier on-site, Kiwi Trades are also enjoying the benefits to the bottom line. 

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