How to choose the right height access equipment

The Easy Access range of Ladders and Scaffolding are designed for a variety of different trades and uses. Choosing the right height access equipment for your type of work enhances your productivity and safety.

Platform Ladder guide for commercial construction sites.

Most construction sites only allow platform ladders on site. When looking into height access equipment to choose a platform ladder, there are different features between models that you need to be aware of.

height access equipment ladder

A popular platform ladder on construction sites is the Easy Access Trade Series platform ladder range particularly the 4 step (SKU: OXPL04). This has a platform height of 1.13m which gives access to a 2.7m ceiling height. The Trade Series platform ladder range is popular due to its smart design that has trapezoidal box steps to increase torsional strength and the central arm stay under the platform resulting in no pinch points. This ladder can also be kitted out with accessories such as the clip-on toolbox, full surround handrail and spring loaded wheels for full versatility which is why it is seen on almost every trade site around NZ.

Another platform ladder popular on trade sites is the TradeSeries AdjustaStep Platform Ladder (SKU: OXTPL04-07). The reason many tradespeople choose this ladder is because it adjusts in height and can be changed from a 4 step ladder to a 7-step ladder very quickly. It saves time getting gear onto the site as only one ladder is needed for the majority of work required by different trades. While it is slightly heavier than a standard platform ladder, wheels can be added to make it easy to maneuver it boost productivity on site. If you are looking for a durable, value-for-money platform ladder be sure to check out the Trade Series Range height access equipment.

Other platform ladder options include a fiberglass range by Easy Access Co (4 Step SKU: OXPLF04). These are a must have for electricians and trades working around live electricity to reduce the risk of an electric shock. There’s also the Warthog welded range which are extremely strong and robust (4 Step SKU: WHPL04).

Mobile Scaffold guide.

When choosing a mobile scaffold its is very important to consider it’s primary use. Are you mainly needing a painting platform at lower heights, or are you generally working outside? Or are you needing to access high areas? Considering this is very important as each scaffold tower is made for different purposes. It’s also very important to consider quality and longevity of your height access equipment. Full welded mobile towers are very important for strength. We recommend the NZ made Easy Access range of mobile towers if quality, stability and longevity is a priority.

height access ladder

The most popular choice for single story level work is the Mini Mobile 250 tower (MM250). It can be built up to a platform height of 1.9m which gives are reach height just short of 4m. It is very fast and easy to set up which means components can be easily removed to create a 0.9m platform giving a comfortable 2.9m reach height. At this height the scaffold can fit under doors without dismantling which is a very efficient. A popular model in the Mini Mobile range for painters and plasterers is the 3m long model (MM253). The 3m length means a larger area can be covered before having to get off and move the scaffold.

Stepping up in size for a larger and more stable platform we would recommend the MOBI range. These range from a 2m platform height (MOBI200) to a 5m platform height (MOBI500). They are also available in a single width format. The MOBI is very versatile as the rungs on the end frame are spaced 500mm apart which is compliant as a ladder. This saves having to take a ladder to site. It is also rated to 450kg which means multiple people can work from it at once. For outdoor use we would recommend using one of Easy Access’s tower like the MOBI as they have heavy duty castors (CA200) that are large enough to easily roll along uneven or stoney surfaces.

Lastly if you are often traveling to different locations and need to pack your tower away at the end of each day we would recommend the Foldaway Scaffold Range. There are different packs that make up this height access equipment range such as the base pack (FLDBP), riser pack (FLDRP) and then upper pack (FLDUP). The Base pack which is the largest pack simply folds away as the name suggests which is ideal for sliding into a van or Ute tray. Its also great for any DIY’er that has limited storage space.

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