Guide to our add-on ladder accessories

Working on a ladder can be challenging, but the right tools and safety features can make it a breeze. At Easy Access, we offer a selection of essential ladder accessories designed to elevate your ladder experience. In this article, we will explore how these ladder accessories can optimize your work for increased efficiency and safety.


Clip-On Tool Bucket: Handy Access to Your Tools

Tired of constantly climbing up and down your ladder to fetch your tools? Our Clip-On Tool Bucket is your solution. This convenient ladder accessory is designed to make your work on our Platform Ladders more efficient. The tool bucket fits onto the following ranges of ladders: ADJUSTASTEP Adjustable Platform Ladder & Trade Series Aluminium and Firbreglass Platform Ladders. The bucket easily attaches onto these ladders, providing a designated space for your essential tools. No more wasted time searching for the right equipment or worrying about them falling off the ladder. With the Clip-On Tool Bucket, you can keep everything you need at your fingertips, allowing you to work with speed and precision.



Trade Series Optional Bolt-On Handrail: Extra Safety for Double-Sided Ladders

Safety should be your top priority when working from any ladder. Our Trade Series Optional Bolt-On Handrail is a vital addition to ensure your well-being while on the job. This sturdy handrail easily attaches to our Trade Series Double Sided Ladder range, offering a secure grip as you ascend or descend. It provides an extra layer of support, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Whether you're carrying tools or focusing on the task at hand, this handrail enhances your stability and confidence.



Trade Series Optional Full Surround Handrail: Comprehensive Safety

When it comes to ensuring comprehensive safety on your Trade Series Platform Ladder or ADJUSTASTEP Adjustable Platform Ladder, our Trade Series Optional Full Surround Handrail is a game-changer. This robust handrail is designed to encircle the ladder, providing 360-degree protection. It's compatible with all Trade Series ladders including firbreglass, making it an essential addition for any professional. The full surround handrail offers unparalleled stability and peace of mind. It minimizes the risk of slips and falls, allowing you to concentrate on your work with confidence. Elevate your ladder safety with this all-encompassing handrail.



Telescopic Ladder Brackets: Transform Your Ladder into Two

Do you need to tackle a variety of tasks with your Trade Series All-in-One Telescopic Ladder? Our set of two Telescopic Ladder Brackets is the answer. These versatile brackets allow you to transform your telescopic ladder into two separate ladders, each with its unique height and configuration. They are compatible with Trade Series All-in-One Telescopic ladder, providing flexibility for different jobs. You could then use our telescopic planks (see below) to create a low level platform between the two ladders. Whether you're working indoors or outdoors, these brackets maximize your ladder's versatility and adaptability. Consider these brackets as the investment in a whole new ladder as this is what these brackets achieve! 



Telescopic Aluminium Plank: Elevate Your Working Platform

For painters and plasterers seeking a sturdy and safe working platform at lower heights, the Telescopic Aluminium Plank is a must-have addition to your toolkit. This telescopic plank is designed to be used between two ladders, creating a stable platform. Its features include effortless extension and locking and a compact design for easy handling and transportation. With the Telescopic Aluminium Plank, you can work comfortably and efficiently instead of having to reach from a ladder. At the end of the day the plank easily compacts for transportation. 



Handrail for Trade Series Folding Work Platform: Reduce the risk of a fall. 

Like the ladder bolt on handrail, this hand rail is designed for our 3-Step 450mm Wide Folding Work Platform. It increase the safety and the ease of working from this work platform as it provides 3 points of contact. Ideal for painters, and plasterer's who need to access a wide area at once. This ladder accessory reduces the risk of accidents and injuries and enhances your stability and confidence so you can get on with your job. 



Ladder Stand Off Bracket: Reach more places.

The Ladder Stand-Off Bracket is a highly beneficial product designed to help reach more places with an extension ladder or dual-purpose ladders in their extended position. This innovative ladder accessory provides several advantages for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Firstly it keeps the ladder further from the surface the ladder is against to give more space for the user - this is great for painters when doing quick touch up jobs. Secondly it is useful for spanning over obstacles like downpipes, windows and other uneven obstacles. Thirdly it can be used against the fascia to protect the gutter from damage. It has grippy, heavy duty rubber feet to provide ultimate safety when working from a extension ladder.  



In summary, these ladder accessories are meticulously crafted to enhance your work efficiency, safety, and versatility. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and elevate your ladder setup to the next level.

Ready to take your ladder setup to the next level? Contact us today or find our products at one of our trusted resellers. Your work deserves the best, and we're here to provide it.