Mini Mobile Towers for Truck Edge Protection

Every year, there are multiple incidents recorded from falls from trucks and many companies are now recognizing the importance of truck edge protection. 

The Easy Access Mini Mobile Scaffolding Towers are a great solution for providing full surround truck edge protection and also provide a safe working platform for doing maintenance work. 

The mini mobiles can be joined together at right angles with a corner pack to be able to provide protection on corners. 

Easy Access have worked through multiple truck edge protection projects from helping with the truck edge protection concept through to training to use the product. 

The Mini Mobile Towers are made in NZ from aluminium and are lightweight so are easy to move into place. The load rating is 225km - impressive for a minor tower. 

The Mini Mobile truck edge protection system can also be used for maintaince on other vehicles such as boats, caravans, heavy machinery and more. 

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