Easy Access Ladder

Workplace safety is of the utmost importance in today’s world. Workplace injuries and accidents are caused because of poor ergonomics, non-availability of the right safety equipment, poor site terrain and so on.

One of the primary causes of injuries in the workplace is falling from heights. Wobbly ladders and poor scaffolding are some of the biggest threats to worker safety, and employers and Tradies need to be proactive in addressing this situation. Often, one substandard ladder will be replaced with its newer equivalent. But the buyer fails to take into account that - as in most industries - ladder design is always evolving, providing incremental improvements in safety and productivity on site.

With New Zealand’s laws like the Health and Safety at Work Act, creating more stringent compliance requirements for the construction sector, employers need to find sustainable solutions to keep their employees safe. To address this situation, many construction companies have chosen to improve ladder safety with the exclusive use of Easy Access Platform Ladders.  This is because of the large platform and the handrail which provides three points of contact at all times. 


Building on the safety performance of the Platform Ladder concept, Easy Access New Zealand based design-team set about improving productivity, with a versatile adjustable model.  The new adjustable Trade Series Telescopic Platform Ladders can now do the job of four sizes of conventional Platform Ladders – 4-step (1.2m) to 7-step (2.0m). The new Adjustable Platform Ladders are highly-durable and lightweight ladders that can be adjusted in seconds and can be used for everything from residential renovations to large commercial projects.

Because the ladder stiles are adjusted independently, the Telescopic Platform Ladder can be used to work safely even on steps and uneven surfaces. The large rubber-soled feet add additional support to the already sturdy ladder, making the ladder extremely stable and safe.

Load-rated to 150kg, the Telescopic Platform Ladder is suitable for industrial use.

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