COVID-19: The Silver Lining

Six months ago, a total lock-down of the New Zealand population and suspension of all business activity but for that absolutely necessary for health and well-being would have been considered merely a likely story-line for the silver screen.

But here we find ourselves; production at a halt and our nationwide trade store distributors unable to sell Easy Access products to our trade customers.  At times like these, when we are dealt a hand that we have no control over, its good to remember that the choice we do have is how we react and adapt.

After making sure our colleagues are safe and well, and putting preparations in place for the shutdown, we realised that the inability to undertake our roles in a normal way would mean some down-time for most of us.  However, for many of our staff of over 65 workers, this presents an opportunity to plan and make improvements to our product and service offering and complete projects previously put on the back-burner due to lack of time.

During this downtime, our production team have more time to review processes for improvements in quality and efficiency.  Our design team have an opportunity to work on new product concepts and designs or research new technological tools. Sales and customer service staff will collaborate on ways to keep making it easier for our customers to do business with us, and implementing new programmes to achieve a better customer experience.

We see these opportunities as a kind of 'silver lining' to this passing cloud.  A way to catch up, pause for thought, plan and learn.  We encourage our tradie customers who otherwise would be working long days on-site to do the same.

Things to consider on this lockdown

Brush up your onsite H&S knowledge

Take a few minutes to review NZ scaffolding regulations around working safely and compliantly at heights,, and email us if you'd like us to send you a copy of our Working at Height booklets when this is all over and we get back to the office.

Research new products or business tools

While you are busy working onsite, do you think about technology and equipment that may be a handy addition to have in your kit?  Now is your chance to check them out online.  Start with perusing our latest product releases including the AdjustaStep Demonstrated here by Resident Builder, Peter Wolfkamp.

"A (Trades)man is only as good as his tools"

Emmert Wolf was likely on the money with that!  Use this time to give your building tools and equipment some love!  Follow this checklist to keep your ladders and scaffolds up to scratch.

From the working-from-home team at Easy Access, keep productive, embrace the silver lining and most importantly, keep yourself and your family safe, well and happy.