Basketball The Easy Way


It was a pretty normal Wednesday morning at the Mangawhai Activity Zone; a couple of kids playing, a few runners making the most of the morning air and the murmuring of little birds deep in conversation.

Little did anyone suspect that the tranquility of this quiet New Zealand activity zone was about to be disrupted by an unexpected visitor.

Enter Corey Webster, one of NZ's most reputable basketball players, there to put in some easygoing practice before flying out to his next season overseas.

As Corey easily maneuvered through dribbles and layups, two blokes from Easy Access, couldn't resist the temptation to challenge the basketball maestro. Decked out in their work uniform they changed into shorts and sauntered onto the court with a mix of confidence and jest.

"Hey Corey, wanna game?" one of them quipped, a playful grin spread across his face.

Corey, with a smirk, accepted the challenge, perhaps underestimating the strategic genius these lads possessed. The game kicked off, and for a while, Corey Webster dominated the court with effortless elegance. Smooth layups and three-pointers seemed like child's play to the professional athlete.

However, the Easy Access duo, not to be outdone, hatched a plan that showcased their quintessential Kiwi ingenuity. Utilizing the ladders and scaffolds they were renowned for, they quickly erected a Foldaway Scaffold and set up a Warthog platform ladder, elevating themselves to unforeseen heights in basketball. As Corey attempted to make his move towards the basket, the duo blocked his every shot and effortlessly made dunk after dunk.

The court was filled with laughter and cheers as the onlookers marveled at this unexpected showdown. Corey, undeterred, surveyed the court with a raised eyebrow, a spark of admiration in his eyes.

"Basketball the easy way" he declared with a chuckle, acknowledging the ingenuity of his challengers. The Mangawhai Activity Zone had never seen a game quite like this, blending the finesse of a professional athlete with the down-to-earth creativity of two Kiwi blokes armed with Easy Access ladders and scaffolds. And so, on that ordinary Wednesday morning, a game of hoops became a match for the history books, with Corey Webster and the Easy Access lads etching their mark on the unsuspecting courts of Mangawhai.

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