FAQ's - Attic Ladders

FAQ's - Attic Ladders

With most New Zealand houses having built with a space between the ceiling and roof, an attic ladder is the best solution to access that extra space. Easy Access Attic Ladder Stairway is manufactured to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1576: 2010. Check out our frequently asked questions guide around attic ladders.

How can I know I have the right ladder for my space?

Before installing your attic ladder, be sure to measure and verify the dimensions of the area where you are intending to install the ladder, as well as the dimensions on the attic ladder itself. Frame out 1200mm x 600mm opening with the equivalent size of the ceiling joint. Be sure not to modify the length of the attic ladder itself as it has been perfectly measured to match a different area dimension.

I installed an attic ladder and the door won’t close completely - how do I fix it?

It’s likely that there is not enough allowance on the battens. Ensure the stairway is in good condition with all fixings tightened. Nail the timber battens under the ceiling at each end with 30mm into the opening at each end. The battens will hold the stairway in place flush with the ceiling while it is being fixed into position permanently. Slide the stairway up into the roof space and allow it to rest on the battens. We recommend not using the stairway immediately after installing.

I installed a ladder but it won’t slide down to the floor?

Ensure that your ceiling height is between 2200mm - 2700mm. When installing the attic ladder. The feet should rest firmly on the floor, and the ladder should be at a 68 to 80-degree angle. Once the ladder is extended and rests on the floor, insert packers where required to ensure the frame fits the opening evenly. Use 4 nails on each side and 3 nails on each end of the stair frame. Alternatively, a 75mm square drive wood screw can be used instead of nails.


For any further questions around attic ladders or customisable ladders be sure to visit our contact page.


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