Easy Access H Frame Towers meet Compliance Requirements

Beyond the responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, and duties under the Health and Safety in Employment Regulations 1995, large construction companies are demanding safety standards that exceed the legal regulations. Builders and other tradespeople can either purchase all the extras needed to comply to site safety requirements or invest in a scaffold tower that already incorporates all the extras you may need for use on any site in NZ.

The Easy Access heavy duty H-frame tower  is a ‘Made in NZ’ product that delivers ultimate safety and compliance. It is compliant with both regulatory standards and site requirements. As the safety extras can be packaged into a single product, you can also optimize costs in comparison to securing individual parts and accessories separately.


Toeboards: Toeboards are required on scaffolds where an object can fall more than 2m. Some sites require the use of toeboards regardless of height. Compliant, easily attachable toeboards are included with Easy Access H Frame scaffold towers.

Access platforms: Double width (1.37m) H Frame towers require two platforms so that the bay is fully decked. Easy Access H-Frame double width scaffold towers include a standard platform, and a hatched access platform for use with either our 2.4m and 3.0m long Scaffold Towers.

Vertical aluminium ladder: Best Practice Guidelines recommend a separate ladder with an angle of slope not greater than 75°. Ladders must access the work platform from within the footprint of the tower. These are included as standard with Easy Access H Frame Scaffold Towers.


Plan brace: These are necessary to meet H-Frame Scaffold Tower compliance requirements as it prevents the tower slewing when using castors. Easy Access H Frame Towers are supplied as standard for both the 2.4m and 3m Long units, and can be easily fitted with spring loaded snaplocks.

Outriggers: As required by regulations, industrial scaffold towers should be stabilised with outriggers when the height to width ratio is more than 3:1. This means a single width H-Frame tower requires outriggers for platforms 3m or higher, and 5m or higher for double width towers.

The Easy Access H-frame complies with AS/NZS 1576:2010/2015 and offers an excellent value by combining superior safety and better value for money. For more details, please contact us at 0800 394 222.