Work Safe With Adjustable Work Platform

If you need to work at heights, safety is the paramount concern. Falls account for fatal and serious injuries across the globe. Falling from even two meters’ height can result in serious injuries.

Tasks at home including decorating, painting or other repair work, as well as many tasks at commercial buildings, also call for working at a height. Roof work, standing on stairs to paint the adjacent walls, standing on top of tanks are some examples where uneven surfaces are encountered.

WorkSafe estimates that at least 50% of all falls are from a height of fewer than 3 meters. Close to 70% of all falls occur from ladders!


An adjustable work platform is a safer alternative when it is required to work for long periods of time at heights. The adjustable work platform is sturdier and stable with the advantage of having a larger surface area available for standing as compared to the stepladder. Being collapsible, these adjustable work platforms are just the solution for those who cannot carry or transport heavy ladders.

Adjustable Work Platform by Easy Access provides the ideal way for home-handy persons, decorators or painters to carry out a wide range of tasks safely!


Convenient features

With adjustable heights and aluminium frames, the work platform offers sturdy and stable solutions for various low-level and indoor residential and commercial needs.

Each leg can be independently adjusted in terms of height with six different options ranging from 600 mm to 850 mm.

The platforms are available in lengths of 850 mm or 1200 mm to suit different needs, with options to install guardrail for added safety. With a width of 450 mm, there is comfortable space for working for extended periods of time.

Each leg adjusts independently

The independent adjustment feature is ideal for working on uneven surfaces, particularly on steps or staircases where painting or decorating needs to be carried out. Each of the four legs of the platform can be adjusted independently of spring pins.

The positive locking latches on each of the four legs of the adjustable work platform ensure all legs are stable and in position.

The adjustable work platform is easy to use, transport, and store, thanks to the lightweight aluminium and convenient folding mechanism. It folds flat, which means you can carry it around wherever you need to work.

Adjustable work platform from Easy Access is available in trade stores across New Zealand. Contact us today to purchase your Adjustable work platform!