Mobi Scaffold Tower: How Does It Compare?

Scaffolding towers are a popular method for New Zealand Tradies to safely work at heights. A tower with a maximum platform height of 5m can be erected and used without the need for a specialist scaffolder. Scaffolding towers save time while mitigating the risk of falls within the construction industry. For the everyday tradesman, a lightweight portable scaffold structure is ideal and thus the rise to the popular scaffold tower - the perfect solution for all-purpose, long-duration access to heights at varying levels.

So why MOBI?

MOBI is the latest scaffold tower from the NZ-based manufacturer and supplier of ladders, scaffolds and other height access equipment, Easy Access Co.

Now in our 20th year and after listening to our customers, we identified the need for a new mobile scaffold tower design with the following features to suit the contemporary Kiwi Tradie.

  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Simple colour-coded components for quick, compliant installation
  • A compact 2m long platform allowing easy transportation in a van or trailer
  • Large, robust casters for hard wear and longevity
  • A frame that safely doubles as a ladder, reducing components and cost
  • Full on-site compliance for peace of mind 

Scaffold Towers Made Easy

Launched in April this year, MOBIis a lightweight high tensile aluminium scaffold tower with snaplock aluminium bracing and guard railing, all colour coded for ease of assembly and breakdown. The snap-lock system also allows the Mobi tower to be erected on uneven ground or slopes.

Because MOBI’sframes are spaced at 300mm centres and are serrated, these can be used to safely and comfortably climb, thereby eliminating the need for an add-on ladder.  And because the rungs are on both side frames of the tower, the hatched platform may be installed either way on the tower and still allow access. With the built-in ladder and the 2m platform length, when MOBI is dismantled it is compact for storage and transportation. Unlike other towers in the New Zealand market, each Mobi model includes a plan brace as standard, and a toeboard with platform heights over one metre - both required for compliance on site. The MOBI’s hardy 200mm adjustable casters provide maximum durability and mobility, even on rough and uneven surfaces

The Easy Access MOBI tower is available in single width (800mm) and double width (1400mm) and is available with platform heights from 1.15m to 5m high.


How Does the Mobi Compare?

We’ve compared our existing Double Width Platform FMT300 and another company's comparable tower to give you a comparison table below.

Easy Access Heavy Duty H Frame Towers

Easy Access MOBI Towers

Different Brand Comparable Scaffold Tower

2.4m or 3.0m Long

2m Long

2m Long

Clip-on ladder

Ladder is built into both frames. Serrated rungs (required for compliance) are 300mm apart for safety and comfort when climbing

Ladder is attached to the frame at one end of the tower

Maximum 5m platform height

Maximum 5m platform height

4m maximum platform height

Toeboards included

Toeboards included

Toeboard NOT included as standard and have to be brought as extras, (they are required for compliance)

Plan brace included

Plan brace included

Plan brace NOT included as standard and have to be brought as extras, (they are required for compliance)

Hatched platform needs to be installed adjacent to the ladder

Ladder is on both sides of the platform so there is no wrong way to install the access platform.

Hatched platform often needs to be installed adjacent to the ladder

Additional Ladder and longer platform length make the disassembled unit less compact

Packs down compact to easily fit onto a trailer

Packs down compact to easily fit onto a trailer

150mm Casters

Larger and more robust200mm casters

100mm Casters

The new, MOBI tower made in New Zealand to the AS/NZS 1576:2015 standards, with a 225kg load rating. With optional add-on components such as an external clip-on ladder, and long span H-frame bridge platforms to join two towers for long line access.

Want to chat to Easy Access about your site requirements? Give us a call on 0800 004 334.