Introducing the Mobi Tower

For many Trades, whether contractor, plumbing professional, electrician, plasterer or painter, the scaffold tower is an essential system when working at an elevation. The generously sized platform and full-surround guard railing provide safety and security, comfort and efficiency for longer duration tasks that a ladder cannot provide. Nevertheless, unlike a ladder, they can be awkward to store and transport, are much less mobile and take some time to install and takedown.

So, when Easy Access thought about just how they could re-invent the scaffold tower to enhance effectiveness and also ease of use for Trades, their in-house design group produced the latest item to their range, with those factors in mind.

Easy Access Mobi Tower

Currently, in their 20th year of supplying New Zealand's best variety of ladders, platforms, edge protection as well as scaffold towers, Easy Access continues the heritage of uncompromising emphasis on top quality, security and compliance. This indicates that a new tower needed to be robust to hold up against continual hard use in harsh settings. So the new 225Kg-rated, New Zealand made MOBI towers have been made from high tensile aluminium and also are sustained by substantial 200mm wheels, for maximum sturdiness and flexibility. The casters are easily height adjustable through 350mm.

To add further strength to the constructed tower when it is relocated, as well as to guarantee tradies stay certified onsite, all MOBI towers are marketed complete with a plan brace. According to AS/NZS 1576.1: 2019, toeboards are also called for where an item can fall more than 2 metres from a platform. Some sites also require toeboards to be used on any type of job system despite the elevation. So Easy Access have consisted of toeboards as standard with any type of version having a platform height over 2 metres. They are additionally available as an optional extra as required. The higher tower options come full with outriggers to make certain stability is part of the package. These are likewise available as optional additionals on any type of tower assembly.

Mobi Tower All-Around Features

For time-saving instalment, aluminium guardrails and ledgers are lightweight, as well as the snaplock connections enable the device to be easily erected. The bracing layout has the added benefit of enabling assembly on an irregular support surface such as a staircase. For utmost, no brainer installation, the guardrail/ledgers, angle braces and plan braces are colour-coded so there is no chance of complication.

AS/NZS 1576.1: 2019 determines that an angled ladder has to be utilized to access the job platform from within the footprint of the tower. Nevertheless, traditional clip-on ladders are frequently left off to save room in vehicles and reduce assembly time on site. In current times scaffold end frames with a ladder incorporated into the structure have been offered in New Zealand. So, in order to supply a solution that does not need a separate ladder, the MOBI's end frames are specifically designed to be made use of like a ladder.

Serrated transoms spaced 300mm apart, throughout the full width of each framework permit the setup tower to be climbed securely as well as conveniently. Some website regulations may particularly require a clip-on sloping ladder. These are additionally readily available as an optional extra.

Mobi Tower Supplier

The MOBI mobile scaffold is available in single width (0.8 m) or dual size (1.4 m). At a size of 2 metres, the lightweight aluminium parts are easily transported in a van, ute or trailer.

Easy Access is a Kiwi manufacturer and supplier to trade stores, they can assure that every component of the MOBI tower is readily available separately, and bridging platforms are likewise offered for long-run accessibility extending up to 10m.

Easy Access truly has actually re-invented the mobile scaffold tower to ensure that Kiwi Tradies can have peace-of-mind onsite compliance, ease of transportation as well as installation, and a durable tower that will certainly stand up to hard usage for several years.

Ask your local building trades store for MOBI!