Alloy or Grip Plywood Walkboard

Alloy / Grip Plywood Walkboard

Features & Benefits

  • Two widths available - 280mm and 450mm
  • Lightweight and user friendly
  • Anti slip - non corrosive durability
  • Optional grip-ply deck


Top: Grip-ply walkboard (APWB)
Bottom: Alloy walkboard (AWB)

Code Description Width
Length Weight
AWB330 3.0m Alloy Walkboard 280mm 3.0m 13kg
AWB430 4.0m Alloy Walkboard 280mm 4.0m 17kg
AWB530 5.0m Alloy Walkboard 280mm 5.0m 20kg
AWB345 3.0m Alloy Walkboard 450mm 3.0m 17kg
AWB445 4.0m Alloy Walkboard 450mm 4.0m 22kg
AWB545 5.0m Alloy Walkboard 450mm 5.0m 27.5kg
Code Description Width
Length Weight
APWB330 3.0m Grip-Ply Walkboard
280mm 3.0m 13kg
APWB430 4.0m Grip-Ply Walkboard
280mm 4.0m 17kg
APWB530 5.0m Grip-Ply Walkboard
280mm 5.0m 20kg
APWB345 3.0m Grip-Ply Walkboard
450mm 3.0m 17kg
APWB445 4.0m Grip-Ply Walkboard 450mm 4.0m 22kg
APWB545 5.0m Grip-Ply Walkboard
450mm 5.0m 27.5kg