Aluminium Cantilever Maintenance Platforms

Cantilever Maintenance PlatformS - Aluminium

Features & Benefits

  • An essential tool for all machinery service workshops
  • Allows you to get right into and up against your work area without reaching out from the platform
  • Built tough, non-slip perforated deck and aluminium frame



Code Platform Height Platform Size Steps
WHDPC02 565mm 800 x 1800mm 2 Step
WHDPC03 850mm 800 x 1800mm 3 Step
WHDPC04 1130mm 800 x 1800mm 4 Step
WHDPC05 1400mm 800 x 1800mm 5 Step
WHDPC06 1700mm 800 x 1800mm 6 Step
WHDPC07 1970mm 1000 x 2000mm 7 Step
WHDPC08 2250mm 1000 x 2000mm 8 Step
WHDPC09 2540mm 1000 x 2000mm 9 Step
WHDPC10 2828mm 1000 x 2000mm 10 Step
WHDPC11 3100mm 1000 x 2000mm 11 Step

200mm Swivel plate castor, fully locking (spare part)