Long Span Platform

Long Span PLATFORM - Joins two towers together
- fast access

Features & Benefits

  • 3m - 6m long span platform, set up in minutes
  • 225kg load rating
  • Lightweight and easy to handle




Code Description Length
LSP300 3m Long Span 3.0m
LSP400 4m Long Span 4.0m
LSP500 5m Long Span 5.0m
LSP600 6m Long Span 6.0m
LSH300 3m Longspan Handrail 3.0m
LSH400 4m Longspan Handrail 4.0m
LSH500 5m Longspan Handrail 5.0m
LSH600 6m Longspan Handrail 6.0m
LSP100 Longspan ‘F’ Post -
LSP150 Longspan Single Post -