Easyrail Installation


STEP 1:  Measure the height to the underside of eaves and place the cantilever bracket at correct height on the easyrail post.

STEP 2:  Place base of post over a screw jack and lean against the roof edge of the building. Repeat and space no more than 4m to desired length.

STEP 3:  Adjust the screw jack until the cantilever bracket is held firm under the eaves. Ensure the post is vertical and the cantilever bracket is under a solid member if required, fix bracket to underside of eaves.

STEP 4:  Using a ladder, place rail coupler at a point 200mm above the roof line. Fix 2 more couplers at 500mm and 1000mm above this same point. Ensure the coupler “tongues” are positioned facing upwards to hold handrail.

STEP 5:  Using a ladder, place the aluminium tube rails in position, then tighten each coupler.

STEP 6:  If 2 people are available then the horizontal rails can be fitted to the posts while on the ground. Lift the complete assembly into place and tighten screw jacks under the eaves.